Facebook Group

Is anyone here a member of a facebook group focused on MHP?


I have only seen 1 group on facebook focused on MHP. We could start one up if you and a few others are interested.


Did you ever get a Facebook group going?

Lynn (FL)


We never got anything started. I’d be willing to set something up if I heard a few other express interest. If you are interested let me know by replying to this topic.

~Brandon Reynolds

I’m in! Great idea. Thanks.

I’ll “like” it or whatever!

Waaal… I don’t understand all it is that I know about what it is that I’m a-doin’ with this “Facebook” thingy. I’ve never been on Facebook. I have a purdy face, but I don’t wanna make it an open book.

But isn’t everything posted available for the general public to see ?

If so, do we REALLY want that ?

It can be made a closed group so that only invited people can read the contents.

Friends -

What you are discussing is exactly what I’ve been building on LinkedIn since June of 2008. Facebook is not really appropriate for business - not like LinkedIn is anyway.

Please register on LinkedIn and then search for and join my ‘Mobile Home Park Investors’ group. We have over 1,200 park owners (and newbies) sharing information, parks for sale, financing leads, etc.

Frank, Dave, Howard, Brad, Kurt, and Rick are all members.

To your continued success,