Experienced Partner Needed

Hey guys. Like others I am new to the forum and interested in MHP purchase.

I am an experienced business owner with over a dozen businesses across the country. I need an experienced partner with a proven track record in sound business deals, experience and know-how in the MHP game.

I am looking for someone interested in getting on for the ride or just wants to help and be compensated accordingly for getting me going. There is no restriction to location of parks to purchase as long as we can get deal!

Jim, after the purchase of the park there are many other issues to look at. With an existing park there are several aspects to look at for the future of the park. Would like to consult you!


Is there anyone in New York State investing in MHP willing to help me to get started. Thank you.

Where are the parks located.


How big a deal are you looking for? Purchase price, down, holding time and expected return?