Expenses for RV's in a MHP

I’m trying to evaluate a mixed use MHP/RV park.
Does anyone know what the monthly expenses on average would be for RV’s?
It includes, water, electric, sewer, garbage.
i imagine it would depend on the area. I’m trying to figure out if there’s an industry formula.

Hi Saul,

It’s difficult to say exactly as it varies from property to property, depending on the location. RV pads are more expensive to manage but I’ve heard as a rule of thumb a 50% expense ratio could potentially be safe.

Andrew Keel

that’s helpful. thanks Andrew!

Hi Saul,
We have RV, MHPs and mixed use. All our RV spaces are long term leases. Electrical runs $60-$80 per month; garbage can pickup is $25 per month; water is $35 per month; sewer is $35. Parks have all four seasons.

thanks Rog! this info is great! it sounds like you operate a similar type of park as I’m looking at. would you be okay for me to reach out to you? if yes. pls provide info or you can reach me at saulrmc@gmail.com and ill exchange numbers there.

After doing the math and trying different approaches I do an an all inclusive price to include everything, power, water, sewer, trash, and wifi for $700 for 30 amp hookup and $725 for 50 amp hookup. There are some fluctuations as the seasons peak but everything averages out. My expenses for each lot run about $120-$150 a month.

I have meters at each spot to keep track if need be. Having a fixed price helps the tenant budget what the monthly rent is and requires one payment to one entity.

I have been doing this for 3 years and it works out pretty well. I do check the spots weekly to make sure there are no water leaks and such.

I require that the units be no older than 10 years, in good shape, and kept up with.

RV spots make up over half of my park. Recently, I added a dog park for the pups. We are working on onsite storage for a fee for the tenants who have stuff to store and a laundry hut so those who need to do a wash can do so without going offsite.

Adding value for the RV tenants helps make them sticky and allows me to keep higher rates.

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