Expanding a park in Georgia

Has anybody successfully expanded their park by switching septic to public sewer and adding lots? How long did that take?

My partner and I are negotiating buying another park in Georgia. 31 lot park, all TOH. 10 cap.

There is available acreage to expand park by switching from septic to public sewer and adding ~10-15 lots.

At this stage we’re estimating $25k/lot => $250k+ capex. We’re very aware expanding the park is a huge undertaking of time and $$$, so we’re doing our due diligence up-front into what that will involve.

I’ll be calling various parties - engineering firms, sewer utility company, city planning & zoning. I’ve read here sometimes the city is intentionally vague with their requirements and/or that the compliance city demands for the new lots make it not worth it.

As I dive into this, any words of wisdom from other park owners out there on other things to watch out for? Good resources to contact?

I’m sure other folks are going thru the same thing. Happy to share my findings as well.