Eviction problem

I have a mobile home in my park that is tenant owned. The tenants moved out about a year ago, but they have left their two dogs in the home and kept the utilities on. I am told by their neighbors that they come about once a week to feed and water the dogs. For the last 4 months they have not paid lot rent. I cannot figure out how to evict them. I cannot catch them at home. They ignore any notices I leave. I do not know a forwarding address so I can’t get the sheriff to serve papers. I even tried getting the humane societ/animal control involved since these poor dogs are having to live in filth, but animal control would not do anything. I can stumble through abandoned mobile home and possessions paperwork. But I don’t know what to do with the dogs. Any ideas would be great… My park is in Oklahoma.
10:17AM Comment

You should have evicted the very first month they did not pay rent.  You do need to begin an abandoned property process to take title to the home.  Contact your local County’s Mobile Home Department.  This is not the first time someone has walked off from a mobile home without paying rent.  Your County will know exactly what paperwork to fill out.  You may wish to involve an attorney to learn how to do this right the first time.  But speaking from personal experience, this is a fairly straight-forward process in Oklahoma.Not knowing their current address is not a problem at all.  There will be an address on record with the County.  That’s the only address you need.  That is where your legal notice will be sent, even if there have been subsequent ‘owners’ of the mobile home who purchased it from whomever is on record with the County.  The fact of the matter is that the owner is who is listed with the County.  You’ll officially notify that person about the unpaid rent and lien you are putting on the home, and end up taking title in a month or so (unless they pay).  And then you can call animal control about the dogs. Or be a good samaritan and take the time to put an ad up on CraigsList and in your local County’s ‘Buy/Sell/Trade’ Facebook group.  Lots of animals are put up for adoption there.  You should not have a problem finding a good home for the dogs.But don’t ever let 4 months go by without collecting rent again.Good luck,-jl-