Eviction on rent-to-own home tenanat

Does anyone know how many days a tenant that is rent to own has by law to move out? Legal Aide is saying 60 days?

As said by others you need an attorney.

Sorry investinmobiles  I thought your question was related to your yesterday question about your indigent resident that had legal aid assistance for representation  and what your next move should be.    I failed to fully follow the question.

What’s the reason for moving out? Non-payment? Hates the home? That’s a big part of what the requirements are.

Hmmmm… long term rental contracts can have different eviction terms than short term ones. Unless you have very clear wording, the times to vacate will be written into the state law. In some states when your lease goes over a year, the time to vacate goes to 60 days. As a tip- we write the terms of the eviction into the lease. You must be fair or the judge might toss out your terms. So you need to start by looking at the lease, if it does not spell out the remedy for non payment, you need to research state law.