Eviction hearings

I have an eviction case where the tenant deposited part of March rent with the Court. The eviction summons clearly states that the tenant shall deposit the full amount of rents with the registry of the Court. In this case, tenant deposited a partial payment and alleged we denied further attempts to pay. I filed a motion for immediate entry of final judgment of possession. The Court ignored the notice and set the case for hearing June 11. Also, the judge made me prepare the hearing notices.

The laws clearly states that the jude shall enter an order granting the eviciton. The judge ingored this law. However, remember that I will appear in front of this judge on a regular basis. Thus, I am not appealing the decision, instead I will go the hearing and win. This is an example of judges ignoring the law. If we get ugly with the judge then they will think we are unreasonable rich people picking on the poor little tenant. It is always important to appear to be as reasonable as possible. A couple month’s rent is not worth making enemies with a judge who has a lot of power over your property.