Eviction for non compliance of park rules

We have a resident who came in to our park by purchasing her mobile home from a previous owner without following normal park rules.  The residents, both past and new were aware of the rules (the new resident was a previous resident that was previously evicted out of our park) both decided to ignore the rules. 
1St Rule of the park you need to pay for both background and credit checks and get approved prior to moving into the park:
The new resident moved in the middle of the night and has been in the park for  months now and always has an excuse for not having the money to pay for the background check and credit report, i.e. still not “approved”
#2 Rule, guest are only allowed to stay for 5 days.
This resident has taken in a young homeless man, we went and reminded her that quests are only allowed to stay for 5 days and that she needed to get him out.  We also went and talked to the quest and explain he had to go he was not approved to stay more than 5 days and he had been there more than that already.  The man said he was waiting to get into a shelter and would be able to do so in 5 days, we extended his time and told him to be out 5 days from that day, he agreed.
The homeless man is still there and the police were called yesterday, he told them he can stay, and told us the only way to get him out is to evict the owner and have him removed as trespassing on park property.
We are concerned for the safety of our other residents, we are a senior park and have many single ladies that are uncomfortable with this man, unauthorized living in the park
Our park is in Florida. I searched the internet for an eviction notice for non compliance of rules and only found eviction for past due rent, (she pays her rent each month and on time)
Has anyone out there had a similar problem and can point us in the fastest and legal way to get her out.   

  1. Call the Florida Manufactured Housing Association and ask them for a referral to an attorney in your county - www.fmha.org.2. Call some of the larger MHPs in your county and ask who they use to process evictions.You definitely need to evict.  You should have evicted ‘day 1’ when you discovered this person illegally living on your land.  Learn to follow the rules from the attorney(s) you’ll find from doing #1 and #2 above, and then you’ll know exactly what to do the next time this happens.  Yes, there will be a next time.Welcome to the insanity,-jl-

In the future keep in mind that you always need to take swift action in fully enforcing rules. Often when you delay it gives residents legal rights you do not intend them to have.
When you find a resident in violation of park rules take action immediately and always follow the same course of action with every similar case.

There is another question asked here to be answered. That is- can you evict for reasons other than non payment. The answer to that is- in every state I know of, yes. You can choose to non-renew the lease, and the owner must move the home off of your property. In the notice you do not state a reason, you are just choosing to not renew the lease. If your doing this, there might be ‘special’ rules to follow for notice times etc… in some states if the home is a double-wide you might need to give 2 months, and only one month if it is a single-wide. We internally call it ‘terminating’ a lease. We have only done this a few times, but in every instance it was a pretty clean process.