Eviction Cost...Alabama...$300?


  • “How much do Evictions cost in Alabama?”

My Husband and I own 2 MHPs in South Carolina.

The Eviction Process in South Carolina is $50 Total.

However, over Christmas my Sister and Brother-In-Law visited from Alabama.

They own several rental properties (no MHs).

They just evicted one of their Tenants for non-payment.

If I heard correctly, they said that the Eviction Process cost them $300.

If the Eviction Process is indeed $300 to evict a Tenant, that amount seems cost prohibitive.

Now, in South Carolina we file Evictions all the time. However, at $50 an Eviction it is not a big deal.

Are there any Alabama MHP Owners out there?

If yes, what is your experience?

Thanks So Very Much!

You guys are soooooooo lucky.
My last eviction start to finish took almost 3 years and cost me close to $4000. Board application fees were close to $1000 of that. the rest was rent rebates etc. that the board imposed on me in a attempt to prevent the eviction. We have a system enacted solely to protect tenants.
Do not ever invest in Ontario Canada.

Some states will not let you represent yourself if you are an LLC. so minimum is the lawyers hourly fee and if the case gets crazy the cost can add up.
It is best to convince tenant to leave if they are a problem. I have even offered to give back the last month’s rent if they would leave ASAP and not destroy the home. Stay out of court if possible since the fees add up quick you never know what the tenant is going to do.

$300 is pretty typical from what I see. $50 is by far the lowest I’ve ever heard of.