Evicting tenants

I was recently at a reia and they were talking about going thru the process. I heard a few good ideas about how to but am wondering what are the best legal ways to go about process.


This process is state specific. Have an attorney help you do the first one and then you can do them on your own thereafter.

Good luck!

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I purchased my first park in NE last year and tried to do my own evictions but the court would not allow my manager to represent a LLC. So now I do everything else, but the attorney goes to court. It saved alot of money even though I still need to go through an attorney for part of the process.
Wish you luck!

While JP’s often rule however they want regardless of the law, most states allow a Member or Manager of an LLC to represent itself in small claims court. Small claims courts were designed to allow smaller disputes to be settled with minimum legal expenses.

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As both a property owner and a Florida State Supreme Court Mediator, (specializing in evictions) I have found that if you can “coax” them out, even with cash for keys, they have a tendency to dig in less and cause SIGNIFICANTLY less damage on their way out.

You would be surprised how much damage a “disgruntled” tenant with a common construction hammer can do in 30 minutes. Your number guess better have at least 5 zeros (00000) in it!

Just my $.02
Steve Woodin