Evicting tenant when neither park nor tenant have title to home

Looking at having to evict a tenant who was once the park manager.

Previous owner gave him title to home although he claims to not have it (we had looked into having him give us the title and leave park in exchange for us not formally evicting him)

In Ohio, technically when tenant owns the home, you are supposed to evict that home not the tenant. And technically you are required to tow it out. As such, for a tenant eviction, our attorney always wants to see both lot lease AND home lease before showing up in court.

We don’t have the home lease, but at the same time, there’s a good chance tenant can’t show ownership of home either.

So how do we proceed? Go to court without having all the needed paperwork but hope tenant doesn’t show? (usually they don’t) Not sure if our attorney would be willing to do this or not…

And then subsequently take home via abandoned property procedures?

Other ideas?

Thanks as always,


We’ve had similar situations. I think you’ve answered your own question. Go to court and do the best you can. That’s what we’ve done - and generally it’s gone our way. You might do that without an attorney - the judge might be a little more lenient on you regarding the lack of documentation.

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