Evergreen Manufactured homes in Indiana "remanufacturing"

has anyone had any experience with them? If they are what they say, I could see doing some business with them I need some odd sized homes, but I don’t know anyone who has dealt with them and their BBB rating is troubling…although frequently that BBB rating is BullBullBull

just wondering because their site says they have been in business since the 60’s building new homes yet I have not found anyone who has dealt with them

could it be a name change of another manufacturer?

No worries, I have worked for the owner for 30 years on various projects and I have never been stiffed. Goshen IN call Pioneer masonry in Warsaw IN for a review. call ASAP Contractors in Kimmell IN for a review

Thats not true Mrclove 4, lets hear all the story

I don’t think he’s around anymore. This post was from 2013