Evaluating park with wwtp

Hi, I am performing due diligence for the purchase of a MHP in the central Ohio area. Primary concern is that it while it has city water, it has private sewer treatment plant. While I hope to hook to city sewer in future, this may not be possible in near future. I am hoping for some feedback from members of the forum that may know someone who can be trusted to investigate the current system and also any advice in regards to further due diligence on it, as this would be my first park with a private system to deal with, and I want to make sure I’m well educated on the topic before purchasing. Here’s the feedback from the seller thus far on the facility…

“The previous owners installed the WWTP about 15 years ago. About 6 years ago, the previous owners installed an innovative UV system that replaced the final chlorine treatment prior to discharge. In 2014, we drained the main tank, removed the media, and installed a new bubbler system, and then installed new restraining cages to contain the media. We have photos of that process. We have replaced the compressors that drive the air system, built a covered shelter over the tank and replaced old galvanized piping” (The entire operation of the plant has been handled by an outside company for years as well per their report.)

Again, if you have a contact that I could reach out to inspect the operation or other feedback that may be helpful, that would be appreciated.

You should speak with @PhillipMerrill - he can probably help or point you the right direction.

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First step is to get a copy of the operating permit. There are generally two types Npdes (you discharge to a water body) federally regulated and systems where effluent stays onsite and does not come in contact with surface water. Huge difference in the regulatory scrutiny.

Then once you have it under contract due your due diligence in these three areas: condition of infrastructure, current operation of plant, and compliance.

Feel free to email me and I can walk you through my due diligence process.



I suggest you contact the licensed operator - they are usually very helpful in telling you the current status and what might be needed. Be sure and ask about I & I (Inflow and Infiltration). That means - does the system take on lots of water during a heavy rain storm -that can be a big issue and it points toward your collection system (all the sewer pipes that feed into the WWTP). Also UV final stage treatment is not “innovative” - just another way to do it instead of chlorine.