Evaluating a tenant's income/ability to pay

Can you guys give me a breakdown on your typical entry requirements to rent a MH Pad?

To rent a pad, we require that the tenant is breathing (OK, even that’s not required). There are so few new homes moved into parks today, that if you raise your hurdle up even one inch, another park owner will beat you out on that customer. There’s really nothing to lose when a tenant brings in their own home – even if they default and run off, or you non-renew their lease for rules violations – you end up with a home you can take through abandonment and put into use again.That being said, if the home is used, you definitely want to get a photo of it if you can (a smart phone photo from the tenant takes 10 second, right? Really no excuse for them not to do it). If the home is a wreck, don’t let it in. But if it’s decent and of any vintage HUD code and newer, then we’d give it a shot.You should also make sure the tenant is not a registered sex offender or has just been released from prison on murder one (which will show up on your criminal screening).