EPA Ph-1 cost?

While browsing mh park store I found a mhp for sale that I know well (I used to do business there). The park is built on an old landfill & that got me thinking about the EPA inspection. Anyone have a feel for the cost of an EPA Phase 1 inspection?



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I paid $1300 for EPA PH-1 on a 38 acre 150 space park in NC 1 year ago.



If the park was built on a landfill, a Phase One might not be sufficient. In the case of a Phase One, the engineer is searching for the likelihood of possible contamination. If he deems there is a high possibility, then the next stage is a Phase Two. This requires soil samples and lab tests.

In my area (Southeast), a Phase One runs around $1,500 and a Phase Two will cost you about $5,000.