End of hiatus

After a unplanned and unintended hiatus, I’ve posted an update to our blog. Over the past couple of months we’ve been in a state of transition. I’ll be posting more about it (and other stuff) on a more regular basis than in the past. The latest entry recounts how we dealt with getting a home back before the loan was paid off.


sounds kinda like a vacation LOL. Reading your blog, seems like you and John are doing well. Tried to listen to your teleseminar, but could not find it and listen to it.

Staging works well here in FL. Furniture companies stage a home for 500 -700 and 400 per month rent. Right down to pictured. Over 50% of the time, the Buyers will buy some or all of the furniture at time of Sale. Win -Win! We have a 3/2 triple wide on 3 acres we will stage…been for sale since May!

See ya in January,



Welcome back! We have been going through Daphne withdrawal! Can’t wait to see you and your dad in San Diego for Mobile Home Millions 5! :slight_smile: