Empty park!

What are your thoughts on purchasing an empty park? Personaly I don’t want to touch it as a first deal.

28 spaces - non occupied, developed and ready for homes. $0 income, of course.

Empty lots have $0 value - unless you are talking about a location in Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, or close-in to some other major city. It is a huge investment of time and money to find/fix/rent/RTO mobile homes. There is almost certainly a reason that park is empty - it’s in some small town in the middle of nowhere, isn’t it?

That said, the only way to be really sure about any park is to run ads. So purchase and study the materials offered on this site, you’ll learn (among many other useful MHP skills) how/where to advertise, and if your ads receive an overwhelming response, then it could make sense to purchase such a park.

But if you have the money to pay cash for all those mobile homes you will be needing to infill the property with, why not just put that money down on a stabilized-with-upside MHP and begin cash flowing immediately. (Especially for your first park!)

Good luck,


Thanks, Jefferson.

My thoughts exactly - I just wanted to bounce it off you fellas. Thanks.

BTW I do have Frank’s course.