Employee Debit Card

I have used Bento for Business for my debit cards for my managers. It was great. I could go online and turn it on and off, limit the spending, limit the category of where it can be used, etc.

But Bento is closing down all accounts that are not tied to a US Bank account, which means me.

Can you recommend a another employee debit card service?

I looked at Ramp and it looked good but you have to be a corp and have a website which I don’t have.

Why not just set up an account for your manager and transfer funds from your main operating account as needed to the managers account?

We use American Express.

Each Park has two Amex cards—one for our corporate side and one for the onsite management.

It’s great because we can keep close track of spending, set limits, and turn a card off and on remotely. We get one bill for each park, so tracking them is easy.

Plus, we get +500K points each year! About every two years, I take the family on a nice vacation to Hawaii, and the points cover about 80% of the trip.

The only downside is we have two wallets with cards. One Wallet has all the debit cards, and the other has all the Amex Cards.