Electrical question

Hello, I am working on a 99 skyline doublewide for a friend on mine. They have it set up, I was turning the electric on today and found that the set up person did not connect the wires of the two halves together. I looked underneath and could not find the wires. The gable ends are all sided. Any ideas or do I seek and find? thanks

There is normally a cross over junction box under the home, or in the roof area near the master bath, it will normally be on the side of the home that the furnace is located on… There is also can be a junction box under the master bath sink depending on manufacture.

My personal thought is to call the setup folks and have them come back to hook up the cross wire… being that they did the marriage line and hooked the home back together, they are in a better place to know where the cross over is located. This is when it shoulda been done!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler