Electrical Pedestal Replacement

I am looking at a park that will need to have its electric pedestals replaced. Looking for a ballpark price to replace a pedestal. Thanks

That is probably a huge job. To really know how to do this you need to understand code and the layout of the lines.


How many?

How far from the transformer?

Can you use the old transformer or do you need a new one? Who Pays?

How many amps to each home? How long is each run? How deep? Conduit or UF?

Are you talking underground?? If not-

Code? Do you have and dead drop codes of new overhead lines?

** ps- that last point should really get your attn if code will not allow you to go overhead again**

How many homes are fed off of each riser?

big question- do you need to re-power each home?

We did a 40 pad park, overhead, and ran new feed lines to every home in the park. Each drop powered 4 homes- and the cost was about 2,100 per home. We pulled conduit to every home, no UF.

If we went underground for the entire project- I am guessing it would have cost between 3,500 and 4,500 per home, depending on transformer placement and cost.

In short- it is painful.

Now if your just replacing power poles, or power load centers that feed homes, figure $500 or so per home.

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Jim, Thanks for the great info!

If it’s just changing out to new pedestals we did a project where we did that plus added mini-meters and remote reading system to bill back power to part time winter RV visitors that ran about $1000/space. Was in California too so that made it run higher in cost than most of the rest of the US.

I appreciate your help! Thanks!! Bob