Electrical line from meter to home

In my park the tenants own their own homes and one tenant has had a short in the electrical line that’s going from his meter to his home. The power company came out and turned his breaker off which has been fried as well.

My question is, who’s responsibility is it to replace that electrical line that’s going from the meter to his panel inside the house?

I’m under the impression that anything that’s after the meter since the tenants pay their own power bill is on the home owner to fix.

Has anyone else ran into this issue or can help out?

I’m in Florida.


What responsibility for the electric do you have if any, and how do the tenants know the demarcation between their responsibility and yours?

The tenants have their own meters and are responsible to pay their electric.
I pay the park lights, clubhouse, laundry electric meters.

If the meter is attached to a wooden post or a utility pole and then there is underground conduit running the lines into the home’s main breaker then those underground lines (and repairs to them) are likely your responsibility. Those were part of the pad infrastructure when the tenant moved in, just like the water and sewer lines, and they’re renting that from you as part of the lease.

You need to clearly identify the demarcation for your utility infrastructure provided as part of the lease agreement - for electric commonly everything between the outside meter until the main breaker for the home you have responsibility. And then the utility picks up their responsibility for the utility pole, transformer, etc, but maybe you are responsible for the meter post and the meter loops. Every utility is a little different, but this is a common setup.

In an RV Park you would never see the RV’er digging up the pad to fix a clogged sewer line - that’s the Park’s responsibility. While an RV Park is not a MHP - the pad infrastructure and responsibilities are similar.


Despite this being an old reply, thank you it’s still relevant and helpful. To anyone who may read this now, do you have lease verbiage you’d be willing to share that covers the demarcation of electrical? We are revising leases and in the midst of that a tenant has a plug on a breaker box that she wants us to replace, but I believe that is her responsibility, and based on the answer above, it seems it would only be on us if it was the electric meter on the property. Right? This in CO by the way.

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide!