Electric Issue

We had a problem with electric service to a home. Basically an old underground line was bad and had to be replaced.

A week or 2 later, the home owner is claiming that his stove’s control panel is fried. They want us to buy them a new stove.

My question is could this faulty service cause damage to appliances or other electronics? Secondly, if this is possible would their homeowner’s of renters insurance cover it?

Thanks for your input.

This is not your problem (unless you own the house and are in the business of providing appliances - which we are not, even in the homes we own).

This is exactly what renters insurance is for.


So- yes. The faulty electric line could be the cause of the board being fried. Electric lines are just like say- water lines. And one way they fail is they- for lack of better terms- they deteriorate. As they do this- the electric going through the line bunches up (causing heat), and the end result is fewer amps passing through he line. If it is one leg- then you have one part of the circuit that is passing power full tilt, and sort of like the other leg is on a dimmer switch. Stoves, use both legs- 220… both 110 legs. So balanced power can be important.

The question is- are you liable. Is the bad line your fault? My guess is the bad line is not your fault UNLESS there is more to the story. If you did something too spike the power, or damage the line- or if you knew that line was going to fail… maybe they have a claim.