Educational Opportunities?

Hi Guys,

I have really enjoyed all the information on this site, and the chance to get some good knowledge. I was looking for some suggestions on some upcoming seminars. I am planning on attending the MOM in October. I have stumbled across another cool site This is before the MOM and was wondering what anyone’s thoughts are for attending this event as a new guy?



You are the third person who has asked about this website and bootcamp, so I thought it was time to give advice on education.

I want to make it known that I am not familiar with the gentleman conducting this bootcamp. He may very well be a knowledgeable and expericenced investor in the business. This post is also a little biased since I conduct mobile home bootcamps along with Corey Donaldson.

With that being said, there are a couple of things that concern me.

The first is the statement on the website, “The World’s Greatest Mobile Home/Land Expert”. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some of the brightest minds in the business…Ernest Tew and Lonnie Scruggs. These gentlemen would never claim the title as “the world’s greatest”. They are humble men who cherish the opportunity to help someone change their life through mobile home investing.

If it’s just land/home deals he’s referring to, I would challenge his self-proclaimed title with the likes of Dyches Boddiford and Tony Colella. I personally know both of these guys and they are extremely good at what they do. Their material has helped scores make a ton of money on land/home deals.

The second concern has to do with results. The best way to tell if training is worth the investment is to see how many are out there using it to make money. Is the training extensive enough where students can go out and make things happen or do they need more? There are way too many people in the real estate investing world holding seminars and bootcamps that just give enough information to get people excited. Corey and I do everything possible to make sure each student has the tools to succeed and make something happen. That includes allowing them to come back to our bootcamp for free a second time and complete audios and videos to view and listen to after the fact.

I am not promoting our bootcamp, that’s not my style. It’s not for everyone, we only want people who are very serious about buying a mobile home park.

My advice for anyone who makes an investment in a bootcamp or seminar is to get references from people who have previously attended. That way, you will get an unbiased opinion on the material and education offered.

Steve Case

If you are brand new to this niche, there are less expensive and more effective ways of getting an introduction than attending a boot camp. The key to success is education + immediate action. The first thing I suggest is reading Deals on Wheels. There is no better introduction to what this business is about. Follow this up by taking action- get off the couch and go talk to park owners/managers, knock on the door of some FSBOs. The goal at this stage isn

Great post Daphne!

The absolute first step a newbie should take is to purchase and read ALL of Lonnie Scruggs books. I know there are several successful investors on this site, including myself, who have wore out the pages on these books. You can purchase these on this site.

Daphne highlights something that is overlooked and not talked about much in most real estate investing niches and that is “networking”. Once you meet and get to know the people in this business, you will soon realize they are very different than other types of investors. Every single successful mobile home investor I’ve met via this website and through attending events has one common characteristic…the willingness to share information. We don’t play the “I’ve got a secret” game.

If you haven’t read it already, you must read Lonnie’s post titled, “What road are you on”? I’ve pasted it below.

Imagine planning a trip

Steve and Daphne,

Thank you both for your extensive and thorough advice regarding my education. I really appreciate it. I was asking about this seminar, since it was recommended to me by my aquaintances in the SFH investment world. I live in Florida, and have been beating my head against the wall to make SFH work as a long term investment vehicle. Forget about monthly cash flow, since due to taxes and insurance, our rent to value ratios are way out of whack.

Soooooooooo, thanks to knowing Jim and Ellen Brenn, I have started down the mobile home path. I am very excited to be taking that path, Steve, everything you have stated about the group of people in mobile home investing is correct. They have been welcoming, and more than willing to share information. I am familiar with the, “I have the knowledge, and you don’t” attitude from some of the local investors in my area. The MH group is great.

This bootcamp was suggested by my SFH friends who hold Bobby Redwine in high regard. He is a student of Jack Miller, and this recommendation was made to me solely to help me out. As for the marketing of the site, I think that is pretty standard for this type of event.

I have also exhaustively read all of Lonnie Scrugg’s books. Everything in them is true to the point, accurate, and WORKS. Daphne, in regards to immediate action, I have done 3 Lonnie Deals in the last 5 weeks. That is my first 5 weeks in this segment of investing–mobile homes. I am off the couch!!

I certainly appreciate all of the information on this site, and the wonderful people who post, and participate in this investment type. I am excited to be a part of this group, and attend all of the events recommended by the Brenns, Steve, and Daphne. Thanks for the encouragement and insight.