Dyches bediford llc seminar, is it worth attending

I have not attended any of Dyches events but am planning on going to his LLC/Corporation class. Dyches is absoltely AMAZING at asset protection and I am meeting with him in 2 weeks to review my entire portfolio. The best thing about Dyches is that he keeps it simple. LLC’s, Corporations and Asset Protection can become very overwhelming quickly. Dyches provides detailed strategies that the common man can understand.

Steve could not say enough good things about Dyches’s seminars that he attended!


You couldn’t find a better teacher than Dyches when it comes to asset protection. I attend Dyches’ seminars regularly and I have ALWAYS found them to be worth ten times the money that they charge. If you go to one of Dyches’ seminars, you will come back for more!

I’d say this is a DO NOT MISS event for you. Like Bob says, there is no better. I’d also recommend Jack Miller. (cashflowconcepts.com) Jack is a wizard in the creative use of LLC/Corp. You being a first timer, Dyches will definitely give you the information you need.

does any one know when and where the next seminar is?

I have three corps and already feel overwhelmed, I can’t imagine what I’ll feel once my portfolio is really cranckin.

Please le me know.

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Dyches’s upcoming classes are:

Land Trust Class

Atlanta, GA

October 14th/15th

Corporations/LLC’s/Partnership Combo Class

San Francisco, CA

November 10th, 11th, 12th

You can get more information about his classes at