Dumpster size for demolishing a single wide mobile home

Hi all,

I’m going to demolish a single wide 2 bedroom mobile home (it’s a small home) and I want to know what size (in yards) should I get for the dumpster rental? Let me know what your experience has been. That’d be super helpful. Thanks so much!


Just did one last week 2x 30yd dumpsters plus two more for stuff around the yard. They were 6-8 tons each (demo crew stuffed them very well). If you can get 40yd in your area that’ll be the best bang for your buck

I just demolished one and used 3, 30yd dumpsters. It was a 16x80 with a large deck

Make sure you do your Asbestos and Lead tests before you start.

The last thing you need is the Air Resource Control Board/EPA breathing down your neck for not doing it.
It’s $ 300-500 and worth every penny.

I don’t know what the fines are, but I do know that you don’t want to find out.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

Here is the BMP for Removing abandoned Trailers from the EPA.
best_practices.pdf (783.1 KB)

TLDR: As the Park Owner, you are considered a Residential Installation; therefore, you are not exempt from Asbestos/Lead Testing. The exemption would only apply to a primary residence. IE if the Tenant destroys the homes themselves. Even then, I would have tests done for Environmental health risks.

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Our standard is to have 4 40 cuyd dumpster for a single wide. If the lot does not have enough space, you can work with the dumpsters provider to deliver two first and in two days to switch them.
It should be enough for your demolition work.