Dumping from outsiders

Hi,We are having dumpster issues in our park. People from outside the park are dumping their large trash like refrigerators, mattresses, toy tables,etc which clogs the dumpster especially over the weekend. We thought of two:1. Dummy video monitoring. Of course we will make sure there also a sign that shows the video is ONLY for the dumpster.2. A sign of Reward of $100 posted on the dumpster leading to an arrest of dumping from a non-tenantAny ideas in stopping this behavior that we overlooked? Which would be preferable?Thank you.

How about actual video monitoring?  This is a crime.  Your video will capture their license plate.  Report that to the police.  Word will get around that you don’t tolerate criminal behavior on your property and it’ll stop.  Also, at the risk of causing more heavy trash-truck wear-and-tear on your roads, you might move your dumpsters to the rear of your property if possible.Good luck,-jl-

I video my dumpster…reduced significantly and surprise…even though my mgr said it was from the outside…so far it was not.!  It was my tenants.  I charge $50 along with a picture of the incident…word got out…quickly.

Most cities have door to door collection–add to tenant charge or in our area the local area has FREE dumping of all trash at 8 county-wide locations to local citizens.

Jefferson is correct, Dallas, this is a crime and needs to be stopped. Likely, as Vickie says, it will be mostly internal, possibly some external. We have 2 dumpsters at my church and we find all kinds of things dumped there, including hazardous waste, small furniture, big furniture, paint, tires, you-name-it and yes, occasionally stuff from a business. Because of our facility arrangement, it is mostly external. These are called ‘dumpster donations’ by the folks who do apartment, house, and yard cleanups. They do it because of the local dump fees and they know the pickup days for every area and dumpster so they know when the can dump in your dumpster. The County of Orange (CA) has a free hazardous waste program but many people won’t use it, rather leaving it in convenient area dumpsters.

If your manager is saying it’s external, he may be doing it or covering for someone he knows. His first and only loyalty should be to you, his supervisor; maybe that begs a conversation with him or her.

Our local police, Orange PD, says that they will prosecute if we get them a license number and description.

Jim Allen

We looked at video monitoring for which we had to dig up about 500 ft from the manager’s office. Not worth it. So we simply placed a sign “$100 Reward for reporting illegal dumping”. The plan was to increase this if we didn’t get hold of the people responsible for the illegal dumping.

We put the sign about 2 months ago and as per the manager, this has worked. Love a Zero dollar fix because the sign was created by our manager.

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