Due Diligence Planning

What do you do for planning of due diligence and assigning tasks. Excel, MS Project, MS Planner, etc.? If you simply use Excel do you have a good template?

Many people use the excel spreadsheet provided by Frank and Dave/Mobile Home University. If you’ve gone to their bootcamp you should have access to it.

Yes i have that. I just didn’t know if anyone had gotten more advanced to allow for multiple people to be working multiple parks with a “project” timeline.

teamgantt works for us.

@tmperrault Can you provide a link to this analysis template?

We use Google Sheets & Dropbox and often have 5+ folks updating/adding items. We have Google Sheets on hyper drive with dozens of tabs & hyperlinks to different tabs and sources. DO NOT use any CRM for DD. CRMs are designed to manage fewer tasks for larger projects. Google sheets are designed to easily manage 100s of tasks in a linear fashion that can contain a lot of information and minimize/expand it as needed. ~ www.DueDiligencePartners.com

If you have taken an F&D bootcamp, they provide an excel file which you could convert into your own preferred Google Sheet format.

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I hear consistent good reports from buyers about Steve Edel and due Diligence Partners. The “manufactured home community self inspection report” located at https://www.mobileagency.com/insurance-loss-control/
is a good due diligence form.

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