Drug Problem or Manager Problem?

I am an out of the state owner and I have a husband & wife team as my manager live 10 minutes away from the park. Recently, the manager told me that there are some drug traffic in the park and I asked him to talk to the township’s police office and asked them to increase the patrol service in the park. The manager even told me which trailers that are doing it according to the officer. I asked him to give me the officer’s name and phone#, so we can talk to the officer and get to the bottom of this. He said that he can not release the officer’s information because the office gave such information in confidence. I was worrying about all this problem and asked my local police chief to call the police chief of the township. The police chief of the township called back and told us that they are not aware any of the drug problem at the park. I texted my manager what the chief said and they got very upset with me and said that I did not trust them! They swore the drug problem is the FACT.
So, do you think there is a drug problem at the park or it’s a manager’s problem?

Seems like the park manager has a personal issue with a tenant.

By calling the local police station you can have them send you a complete report of police visits to the park, reason for the visit and who initiated the call for the past 1-3 years. This is part of the due diligence we do to find out about the drug/crime problems in the park.

Tell the Manager to call the police if they are seeing drug activity and then send you a copy of the police report. You can then use this to proceed with eviction proceedings, etc. Nothing is fact until it can be proven. Trust, but verify.

You have a management problem. When they responded to you by reacting negatively and accusing you of not trusting them this is a immediate indication that they are hiding something by redirecting the issue back on you. This is standard human nature that landlords will observe when dealing with problem tenants. Your manager is displaying the same indicators. My response to your manager would be - your giving me no reason to trust you.

The community has a drug problem…maybe

Gentlemen, thank you very much for your comments.

Good job of not overreacting before you had the facts. Many owners would take the manager at face value and potentially end up losing a good tenant and creating liability.

Clearly the story makes no sense. It would appear that the manager is making things up. When you lose faith in the manager being 100% honest, you should change managers. Otherwise, can you trust the other things they tell you going forward?

Are they falling behind on any other duties? is this a single event or a growing trend?

Frank is right. Problems are never a single incident. It will be indicative of all your managers practices if it is proven he is hiding something. Individuals are never dishonest only once.

You never find just one cockroach.

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Frank, you are correct! They are short on other tasks as well. Wow, how did you know that?!! :blush:
They are on the way out now. Thanks for your advice.

I know some law enforcement agencies have an online tool that you can use to see criminal activity in a city, county etc. I have used this several times while looking at properties to purchase, I’m able to see if an area has a lot of criminal activity and what type. Also I call baloney on that they can’t give you the officer’s name or report as I have never had an issue getting a report if one was taken. I’m willing to bet there is something else going on with your manager and as others have stated it’s more than likely time to change managers.

Thanks for your responses. Here is the situation I am facing with the former manager: After they quit (a husband & wife team), I had a plumber here to fix a small problem in the house and asked him to inspect the plumbing work in the house. We discovered that one of the Sum Pumps we installed last Summer was switched to an old one. I suspect the former manager did, because they were the only people who had access to them. What would you do in this case? :grin:

Nothing. Write it off.


Really?! Okay. Thanks for your advice.