Drug houses. Can I simple terminate month-to-month lot leases?

New park owner here in Minnesota. I’ve got a few homes that many of my residents are complaining are ‘drug houses’. Cars coming and going at all hours, cops having to deal with them a fair bit, etc. All homes are tenant owned in the park. How would you handle this? My lot leases are month to month. Is it as simple as telling those tenants I will not be renewing their lease and asking them to leave? And if they don’t evict? What would you do? I want to clean the park up and make it a nice place for all residents.

This is common. We’ve dealt with this in turn around parks.

First, make sure you know your local laws well.

You can simply non renew the lease, but make sure you know your laws.

Write up all violations and document them. Ensure their actions are violating lease agreement. You also need a great manager onsite to ensure they’re being watched and rules are enforced equally across the board. The point of enforcing rules and documenting them is to set a clear standard …also if you end up non renewing, and questions are asked, you have a mountain of legitimate reasons why you non renewed.

Evict if need be…Note, it can be harder to evict if the tenant is paying, can be harder to evict over rule violations than nonpayment- depending on your local govt and laws.

Also, never overpay for a property, let alone a turn around deal.

Good luck.


Use an attorney if it’s your first time evicting in a jurisdiction. Especially with drug homes you want it to go as quickly as possible. Document all violations and hand (or post) violation notices to the resident(s).

I would not expect them to move out if you non-renew, so just start the eviction process (if possible) and save yourself a month.


I agree with the advise above. Frank also said to have an off-duty policeman sit in a squad car in a high visibility area for a few weeks. This is a good way to get rid of several problem homes in one park.
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