Dr. B

Do you have a doctorate? If so, what is your field of endeavor?

The Internet is scary. Googled your name after looking at your forum profile. Found you are a PhD specializing in sleep disorders. Also you are a William and Mary alumnus. Just curious because once I pursued a PhD in Economics in my younger days.

Beach Boy, you are correct (if this was your concern) that many call themselves Doctors or some other title in order to enhance what they are saying or selling. I have had some long, nasty fights with a few people who I believe were complete shams and used such titles to impress others and lure them into a false sense of security.

Dr. B is not among that group. I have known Steve personally for quite a few years now and his title is earned and is never used to enhance his advice on investing. For anyone who has met Dr. B you will likely agree that you cannot find a more easy going, intelligent and helpful person.

Steve is the real deal.


I was not questioning his doctorate – just curious which discipline.

Beach Boy,

You are not alone. 40-50% of doctoral candidates do not complete their degree. It is hard. Particularly the dissertation, which I was fortunate to learn early on, is all about picking the right dissertation committee and chairman.

Completion stats:


Thanks to my wife’s encouragement and full-time employment, I was able to complete in 4.5 yrs. (the post-doc in Sleep Medicine took another yr.)