Does appraisal include a boundary survey?

I have a park under contract.

I have applied for a loan at a local bank and they have requested an appraisal, which is going to cost $2600.

How much info does the appraisal contain? Does it have a boundary survey, or should I get a separate boundary survey?


It’s separate. Shouldn’t cost more than $500 bucks if you shop it.

@jhutson, thanks! The surveyor referred to me by the broker quoted me $2000 for the survey. I will shop around.

$2,000 is what I would expect for an ALTA survey, which is extremely more detailed than a boundary survey.

We would include an already recorded survey if it is readily available. Does the legal description for the park describe a CSM (Certified Survey Map)? Did the seller ever have a survey done that would satisfy the bank requirements? Also, the City or County may have a recorded document depicting the parcel dimensions and shape.

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