Does anyone have specific, clear instructions on how to set up rentals in QuickBooks?

Does anyone have any clear, very specific instructions on how to set up mobile home rentals in quickbooks? I don’t really have any rent credits because everyone pays month-to-month. I’ve been able to successfully set up all my vendors in QB online, been able to categorize transactions (rent income deposits), and am working on setting up the mortgage payments (long term liability) with interest payments (interest expense).
I just don’t know how to set up the lots for rentals.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
If anyone has any other software that is better than QuickBooks online, I would love to know what you are using.
Thank you.

If you plan on owning multiple properties in one LLC then QBO will be fine. To set up multiple locations under one QBO file you need to set up each property as a “Class”

Set up one Class for each property. If you don’t plan on adding additional property locations then you can skip this step.

Each unit needs to be set up as a “Job”. Then you need to assign each tenant to their Unit/Job as a Customer.

Once this is done then you can set up a memorized transaction to charge them “Rent” monthly. If you accept CC/ACH you can use QuickBooks to auto Bill everyone.

The reason you set up the “Job” as the space is because Tenants will move in and move out over time and you don’t want to have to set up the new Tenant as a new Job. You will end up with a lot of confusion by year 20.

Class-- 123 AnyStreet
Job-- 123 Any Street Space 1
Customer 1-- Shirly Temple 2002-2015
Customer 2-- Jimmy Jones 2015- Present
Job-- 123 Any Street Space 2
Customer 1— Arnold Swatenegger 2020

Class---- 555 MHP avenue
Job-- 555 MHP Ave Space 1
Customer 1— Mike Ace 2002-2020


I have used QB for my finances and payroll for years, but for my MH park rentals I use RentManager, and love it. Cost is $75/month and well worth it. It amortizes loans, keeps track of security deposits, and you can enter multiple parks in it. I can print out and mail statements, or email them individually to residents. I’m sure I am not using all its bells and whistles. It is user friendly and help is a phone call away.


Rent manager… I will have to take a look. I’ve never heard of it.

If you are interested, I am a professional bookkeeper and I specialize in Quickbooks Online, providing transaction recording and classification, loan interest/principle tracking, financial statement analysis, etc… So if you’re interested in having someone else take care of all of that for you let me know and I’d be happy to help.


Andres Papa