Does anyone have experience with Self Storage Facilities?

I have an opportunity to buy a storage unit in the state I’m operating in. Does anyone reading this know how to evaluate a storage unit for CAP rate? I think I can figure it out, but I could use a little help.

Where are you having difficulty?

So why are you asking mobile home park investors for advice instead of self storage investors? Seems you would be better served going to she self storage forum on a different website,

Cuz this such a helpful community & I thought someone might have some useful experience

The best and most helpful advice we can give is advise you to take your inquiries to a Self Storage forum.

@grit…I have many mixed MHP/RV/Self-Storage/SFR/Bill board investor acquaintances in the MHP space. One group I know recently sold an MHP to acquire self-storage and that same question was asked and the answer was the CAP rates on self-storage are about 1% lower than a MHP CAP rates in the same market.