Do your residents have super HIGH electric bills? I have a solution

Do your residents complain about 200, 300, 600/mo electric bills?

We have the same thing here - 200-600/mo electric bills for our residents — and you know what is causing it most of the time? Central A/C.

the ducting gets clogged with toys. It falls down under the home. The cats tear up the insulation underneath the homes, etc.

the solution for the residents and for us - is any new (used) home coming in - or when the a/c goes out, tell them to go get two window units at Wal Mart - and they can take them with them. 100-150 each, no efficiency issues — all the air comes in the room.

I suggest one go in the LR, one in the MBR and a fan in the hall. That does the trick - and the electric bills are back down well under 200.

it is 850 for us to have a compressor and new line set hooked up outside. Even if we buy the units, it saves us a ton.

Some people want central a/c - but on these older homes 1990s - two window units does the trick and saves our people TONS of money ---- so they can pay other bills. :slight_smile:

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