Do you usually run a credit check on both adults/applicants?

Currently was using Smartmove, but at $40 each, thats $80, and no tenant wants to pay that.

But checking only one of the two adult leaves the possibility that the other will have the criminal history hidden from us.

What do most people do here?

You should check everyone who is signing on the lease. Like you said, if you don’t, you could have a ‘couple’ try renting from you, but one person in the ‘couple’ may never live there - they will just be for show to help the other person rent from you - the one you wouldn’t approve. If you check the wrong person and they pass the test, and you let them in, you just let in the person who was deliberately trying to hide something from you. Unfortunately, there are people out there who may take advantage of not checking everyone, and will use it to their advantage.
Can you find a cheaper background check software?

I use Tenant Verify. I tell new tenants that I run a check on anyone over 18 who will be living in the park. That’s the only way to be fair and thorough.

RentPrep is a great resource that we have used for several years.

You mean If so, same pricing as Transunion when you add either criminal/eviction reports, which seem like the only info I really want anyways.

Nope… is what I use

FYI, RentPrep seems like the lowest cost ($18 for eviction and criminal checks, no credit scores), but may be mistaken.

TenantVerify is only for Real Estate agents says the support people. They do have another system, but prices are higher than Transunion, however the tenant does get a copy of their reports.

The other problem I keep running into is that most applicants here dont even have an email address and yet every background checking service requires one, so I cant even run reports on most applicants. How to fix?

UPDATE: Rentprep is the only one I fonud that can do background checks without email address for tenant.

I use Rentprep but not the Smartmove option. I use their lesser cost where it doesn’t involve the tenant. I add the other 2 options (credit and criminal I think it is). I charge $35 per adult and anyone 18 or old has to complete an application and be checked with credit & background. (On the first house when I looked for a tenant I charged $10 just to make it easier to apply but then I lose money so I moved it to $35 so it covers the cost of what I select.)

I agree you want to check each adult. I had one family where the two adults passed and they said it would be those two plus a minor. But then the felon boyfriend has been living there. So they circumvented the checking because they knew he couldn’t pass so they didn’t have him provide an application. I have given them 30 days notice to vacate. (at least in my state at the moment, since I have a month to month lease in writing and it says if either party wishes to end then they give 30 days notice before the end of a “term” that means I can give 30 days notice before the last day of the month. Give no reason just that they have to leave, because if you give a reason they will latch onto that saying “they’ll do better” and try to talk you into letting them stay. If they overstay, then currently evictions for overstaying can occur.)

You might also check into Zillow if your potential tenants are having difficulty paying the fee. I only read a little bit about Zillow’s background check but it appears that the prospect can apply once for $30? But can send that background/application to anyone who posted their house on Zillow. Seems like a good idea for the prospects. I received 2 applications when I posted a rental and said “ok” to taking a Zillow application. It was not all the info I wanted (like previous landlord and employer) so if I was to continue with one of those person I would need to send them some additional info to complete but it did give background info and it gave an actual credit score. (w/Rentprep since I do the cheaper one it tells me if they pass the number I ask for and it shows an approximation where the person is, but it doesn’t give you an actual score).

I do the same as MikeO except I use Mr Landlord. I only run background checks. I don’t rent homes or finance the purchase thereof so I don’t run credit checks. You have to run background checks on everyone 18+ that will be living on your property. I charge $40 per person. If they are moving a home onto my property I reduce their first months rent by the same amount so it’s a wash on their end.