Do you use an agent to sell off POH'S?

We have just one nice (double wide), park owned home we want to sell. Used to be manager’s home before we bought park.

Do you usually use a realtor / real estate agent? or just list on FB/craigslist/zillow and have manager show it?

Also, the entire park is single-wides except this one. Do you usually charge higher lot rent for bigger unit like this?

I used to list homes on Zillow and FB marketplace but quickly got tired of dealing with the tire kickers and unqualified buyers so I started using a realtor. I had 13 homes to sell and you only have 1 so it might be fine to just have your manager do the showings and you list it online. I have all singlewides except for one double wide which is on an unnecessarily large lot even for it’s size but I don’t have them paying a higher rate.

I use craigslist for the cheaper homes ($10k or Less) and I use a Local MH dealer for everything else. I usually pay about $6K in commissions for each home.

I base my lot rents on the size of the lot not the size of the home. We are renting land after all.