Do you provide ranges?

How do you treat appliances? Do you provide any, or do you just make the tenants supply their own?

My parks are in the Mid-West and South with lot rents $200-300.

Any input is appreciated!

What is and is not provided is location specific. You research the general rental market (apartments and SFHs) that are in competition with what you provide. What they do you must also do to stay competitive.

I appreciate that input. That makes sense.

@DaGrisa, as per your post:

  • “How do you treat appliances? Do you provide any, or do you just make the tenants supply their own?”

My Husband & I own 2 Mobile Home Parks.

We inherited some Mobile Homes (in the purchase of the MHP) & we purchased some Mobile Homes (after the purchase of the MHP).

First of all we (well me…because I get the phone calls :slight_smile: ) are not big fans of Mobile Home Rentals. Thus, we are in the process of selling some of our existing Mobile Home Rentals.

However, back to your question.

For our Mobile Home Rentals we provide:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges

Typically, we will purchase NEW Refrigerators & NEW Ranges from Home Depot’s Website (hopefully during some holiday sale). We are in South Carolina and Home Depot delivers the NEW Refrigerators & NEW Ranges from the Factory.

We try to buy GE Appliances in the color Black (harder to show dirt).

In addition previously we would purchase Smooth Top Ranges. However, the decision to purchase Smooth Top Ranges was changed recently when a Tenant crushed the top of the Smooth Top Range before the Appliance was 1 year old.

We purchase NEW Refrigerators & NEW Ranges from Home Depot over $396 so that we can get “Free Delivery”. Now Home Depot charges to remove old Appliances (previously did not charge) & we gladly pay for that option.

Lowes Website also has great deals on Appliances. However, where we are located the “Local Lowes” actually delivers the Appliances. In our situation it “seemed” like Lowes had a dart board & they would just throw darts as to when & where they delivered. In addition one of our scheduled Lowes Deliveries was canceled and moved to another date in the future because the Appliance was not available.

Refrigerators & Ranges are the ONLY Appliances that we provide.

IF we purchase a Mobile Home with a Dishwasher or Washing Machine or Dryer, we will immediately remove these Appliances (no matter the condition) prior to renting. Even IF you tell your Tenants that the Dishwasher or Washing Machine or Dryer is just a “Bonus Item” and you will NOT replace them, the Tenant will still expect YOU to purchase a replacement when the item breaks.

We wish you the very best!

For my rentals, purpose built conventional multi units, I provide appliances. I purchase them all used, usually 2-4 years old, for less than $200 ea. When I see a good deal on a used appliance I will pick it up as a spare. They will usually last as long as a new appliance and tenants don’t know the difference between new and used. I only buy basic appliances, nothing fancy, coil type stoves and no ice or water features on fridges. I do not have dish washers or laundry appliances.
If you provide appliances in a rental you want them as bullet proof as possible.

Thanks for the replies guys. After considering everything and looking at our competition, we decided to not provide any appliances.