Do you charge lot rent if owner is 3rd party and rehabbing it?

So someone outside the park owns a trailer and they are rehabbing it.

Is it good or not to charge them lot rent anyways while they repair?

Always charge lot rent

It depends. I’ve charged rent and I’ve not charged rent. Charging rent will help keep them on the job and working to finish the rehab. I try to rehab the homes that become available using my rehab team but sometimes we’re too busy. When this happens I offer up the home to one of my tenants who is pretty handy. When he buys and rehabs the home I’ll sometimes forgo the rent for a month or so to give him time to turn it around.


I always try to get lot rent if theres a home on the lot.
However theres always certain circumstances that you can allow a month or two depending on the situation. Rehabilitation is one but as the previous post stated. You don’t want to give them too much slack. To take their time because it isn’t costing them anything.

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