Do I need a permit to bill back water

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In Indiana: Do I need a permit in order to bill back water to my tenants?

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Permit to Submeter/ bill utilities:

Depending on your classification:

  • Utility provider (own your water supply , example well) and / or sewer system - YES
  • Utility Re-Seller , passing through costs from a municipal supplier - Sometimes , Not a “permit”, but regulated , depending on the State’s Utility Regulator ( Utility Commission or Public Utility Commission).

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Hi Dan, I don’t have well water. It’s city water and city sewer. I’m just billing back the water to the tenants. So how do I find out if I need a permit?

How do I find out if the city or county requires a permit for billing back the water to tenants?

Try the County health department.
If you are going to install water meters to each space, you will need to pay an annual meter fee (depending on the State). What I do is split the actual Bill amount by $10 per space and divide the remainder by the number of people in the Park. So a trailer with 1 person pays less than one with 2,3 or 4 people. What I did to cut costs when I went on City water is I ran separate lines from my wells to each yard, so the City water ONLY goes to the inside of the trailers, all outside water is on my wells and that is included in the rent. Our City charges $35 connection fee per house plus the actual water usage. So we are paying much less per home as most of the people on City water.

In which state is your MHP located?