Do city building inspectors have the right to force inspections of the interiors of HUD code homes?

Anyone know the answer to this? We have a park in a city notorious for screwing with land use rights. Very expensive SFR nearby. They seem to have adopted a strategy of pink tagging the exteriors of our vacant units - then demanding to do interior inspections. Then after that they write a letter claiming mysterious unnamed “structural problems” exist - and demand a structural engineer report at the park’s cost by a licensed structural engineer be presented to them and if not they will raze. Then of course they use an statute saying if the repairs are over $2,000 they can demolish the structure. So far they have run this play on all the units I’ve tried to renovate in this park.


I have a simple question that I ask all inspectors.

“Can you cite the code that I am violating? and Can you cite the code that gives you the authority to enforce that code against me?”
Works 99% of the time. They do a “buttt—ahhh butt—ahh… let me get back with you”.

If they force the issue hire a municipal attorney.
Depending on the area you are in the Locals usually have ZERO authority over the actual Mobile Home Units.
The MH units are regulated by either the State Code or the HUD code.

Think of it this way. How can an MH be built in Idaho and shipped to CA? Obviously, there is a Nation MH Code. So how does a local building inspector have any authority?

Most of the Codes for where an MH can be installed have to do with Weather rating. IE Zone 1-4.
A home built for SoCal (Zone 1) can’t be installed in Maine (Zone 4). Sometimes there is a wind rating (ie Florida).

HUD’s Office of Manufactured Housing Programs (OMHP) | / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


This is certainly a frustrating situation to be in. Sounds like somebody who thinks they’re somebody (from that high-end SFR neighborhood) is complaining to the city about your Park. They may want to see the Park go away. Just a suspicion I have, given what you’ve said. This “Connor Complainer” may be incessantly bothering the city, prompting them to keep taking action toward you.


It could just be the city wanting to rid the Park from the area. The tactic they’re using will ultimately cost you alot of money, while preventing you from making money by fixing and renting the vacant units. Trying to put you out of business perhaps. At any rate, its a bit of a predicament. I like what @SDGuy mentioned, get them to cite the Code or Statute. Or hire attorney.

Other options- join or volunteer to be on the city’s housing board. (I had a friend who owns a MHP locally do this in SC. He was prompted to action after being told “no” on rezoning of his Park, despite the fact that all surround parks were zoned another way. He is now on the Board and is trying to get what he wants). A final option, write to your state representative or congressperson. Ours here are highly receptive and willing to help constituents. Would mention the housing inspectors are harassing you (they basically are), and that you’re being unfairly targeted repeatedly.

Best of luck! Keep fighting.