Dismantle and remove old homes on my recently purchased park

Hi I am a new mobile home park owner and not experienced…so hoping for some help. I purchased a 17 space mobile home park from an uncle a few months ago. My uncle inherited this park from from his father. On 8 of the spaces sit run down mobile homes that a cousin of mine owns. I charge him 75.00 per month to park his mobile homes on my park. My question is… If I were to have him remove any of his mobile homes and give him a month or two to do so…does he have any legal recourse? I would imagine not since I am the owner of the park and can do whatever I want with my land…right?

Also another option I am thinking of taking…over this cousin has shown himself to be an unscrupulous individual…for example he had sold a mobile home a few years ago…but continued to collect lot rent for 4 months before telling my uncle that he had sold it. He had no right to take the rent and it really amounted to stealing. My uncle overlooked that and just gave him a warning. I would rather him not have anything to do with my property. Could I give him so many months to either sell all of his mobile homes and clear out? I would rather get him out of the picture completely but I am not sure how to or what would be my recourse after giving him so many months to clear out… Any input would be appreciated.