Discrimination, Felons and Federal Fair Housing info

this was posted as a question to another question. I felt it needed its own thread.

“… can you discriminate against a Felon?” are all sex offenders Felons? I am not sure.

We just took a class on Fair Housing - on what you can and can not do. There can be 7 or 9 protected classes depending on the City you are in.





National Origin (even if you can’t find your birth certificate) just kidding - political joke

Familial Status (children under 18 or being pregnant)

Disability (includes HIV, chronic Alcoholism, Mental Illness, etc).

and in some cities, like our 2 largest cities:

Sexual Orientation (watch it there Frank)

Gender Identity (again, not pertaining to Frank — at all) - having sex change surgery or having an identity not usually associated with ‘one’s biological maleness or femaleness’ (you really can’t make this stuff up).

So according to the class, Federal Housing Law is 4 or more units, KY Fair Housing, 2 or more units (lots of duplexes here). So any investor with this number of units is included.

In other words, every thing else is ‘fair game’. If you think about this law as ‘stuff people can’t help about themselves’ - like = I can’t help that I am ____.

Issues such as Pets, Criminal Choices, etc are up to you, the landlord.

Interestingly in Kentucky, the #1 class who files the most complaints is Disabled and second in line is Gender Identity.

It was suggested that on your Application, do not ask Gender. ---- and always be consistent.