Direct Mailing Conversion Ratios

For those of you who have successfully found parks from running direct mailing campaigns - how many letters/postcards did you have to send out to find a viable candidate property? I realize that a lot will depend on the content, list address quality, etc, but I’m just trying to gauge the right order of magnitude of volume I should be sending out (currently planning on sending out a piece to about 1,500 owners) in order to find a handful of candidate parks. Right now I’m flying blind and have no idea what to expect in terms of response rates so any insight would be appreciated.

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I sent out 150 mailings for small parks in my area. These are mostly moms and pops. I got about 10% response rate and purchased one park from that mailing. I think my response rate was high because it was a local man writing to local moms and pops. I’m sure it will vary.

Where did you get your mailing list?

From Frank’s bootcamp. However, that list is older and is missing a lot of information so I’ve been populating/updating addresses through county property record searches.

I recently sent out 120 postcards with one response.