Direct mail, MH's for rent, sale and lots and Grasshopper

I’m just wondering how most people set up their Grasshopper account for incoming direct mail calls, as well as calls for lots & MH for RTO or rent? DO you set up 2 numbers one for MHP owners to call after they receive your mailer or you call them and one for prospective tenants to call or do you just set up one main number and assign extensions for different types of calls? Also do you normally do a local number of your park, local for your home location or a toll free number? I’m currently looking at a park out of state that does have some POH’s that I will need to try to turn over as well as an empty lot, so while I set that up I also plan to send out postcards and or letters.


I would recommend using a google phone number that has an area code in the state you are looking to buy a park. Or, you might consider using your cell phone number. If your luck was like mine and probably others’, your phone won’t be ringing off the hook from people looking to sell their park. You’ll want to pick up the phone when they call. I also suggest using a google number with the area code of your park for renting homes/lots.