Direct mail campaign for MHP owners

hi, im thinking about sending letters to mobile home park owners of my county and neighbor counties. im gonna get the leads from online information source. there are close to 10000 listed in my target areas. and i would need to sort out this to less since i dont want to waste my money and time to send letters to all of them.

i can sort it out by properties has delinquent tax, absent owners, owner occupied, or mix up those (ex: del tax + absent owners). also i could get the leads for preforclosed or foreclosed, but i dont think i can mix them up.

so my question is what option would be best to get motivated sellers who are willing to do creative deals? (since i prob need owner financing or very low price to get the loans). also what alternative ways would you suggest for me to find a motivated MHP sellers to make a deal?

This letter got several responses for me:


My investment partner and I have spent a significant amount of time researching mobile home communities, and have identified your park as one we would possibly be interested in, should you have the desire to sell it.

While we are in a position to move quickly if the right opportunity presents itself, we are mostly interested in finding parks that meet our long term goals. These goals include purchasing well maintained communities, located in northeast Indiana, containing 20-75 pads.

We have the financial backing to pay cash for your community, but are also willing to discuss land contracts, and other creative financing should you be looking for interest income or other ways of creating cash flow.

Most importantly, should you have the desire to sell, we are willing to pay a fair market price for a fine community such as yours. Please contact us at 260-925-1716 if you would like to discuss the sale of your park with us.


Notice how the letter makes the land contract option sound appealing to the seller. Remember many of the sellers would have huge tax checks to right should they sell, furthermore they can make interest each month if they sell on contract.

Good luck

Briton (IN)

thanks for the reply briton. your post was a lot of help.

when u send those letters to owners, how or where did u find the contact information and what type of MHP owners did u target?

Phone book.

Try searching your state government’s website.

The state health department’s website.

Drive around, get phone numbers of parks.

Send them to the address of the park.

Find out who owns the parks and send them to the owner’s address.

I assume tax records would work, but I have never done it that way.

Either the state’s websites or the tax records (courthouse) may be all you even need if you find a golden list.

Where there is a will there is a way. Start searching.

Briton (IN)

(who is happy its winter so I have free time)

"Briton (IN)

(who is happy its winter so I have free time)"

Ain’t never heard ANYONE in IN say they are happy it’s winter =p Give me a call sometime if ya can drag yourself away from the online poker…

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler


I am glad you replied buddy.

To this day I can still picture you in Asheville, outside the hotel talking with such confidence about your business. There is a reason I remember this. Your demeanor or “outward manner” impressed me. It got me thinking about how my demeanor effects my deals.

Ryan many people in our business are not really sure of much in life. I think you realize this.

They may say “I think my mobile home is worth XXXX because this is what my neighbor is asking for his.”

Or, “I think my mobile home is worth XXXX because that is what I paid for it.”

Or they may say “I want XXXX for my mobile home” and they may have no real reason for that price. In fact they very well may be addicted to something. Drugs, food, video games, sex, sin in general, heck anything. My point is their mind may be totally baked or in a different world in general.

Folks the confidence you display when you make offers makes a HUGE difference. Many of these mobile home owners are like children, they are unsure of most things deep down. If you come along and act totally 100% sure that their mobile is only worth half of what they are asking. They very well may believe you. Don’t be so confident that you are being arrogant. Be kind and loving. BUT SHOW STRONG CONFIDENCE.

After you know your market and the general things to look for in mobile homes this business becomes a PEOPLE biz. You must be honest and treat people fair, and I believe you must come across very confident of yourself to get the best deals.

To this day I think of these things as I am making decisions, making deals, and just being a landlord.

I thank Ryan for several of the deals I have made and he prolly does not even know it.

God himself put something in some of us Hoosiers who are crazy enough to enjoy winter.

It gives me some time to reflect on life and its true meanings. I actually enjoy getting out with the snow blower and helping my grandparents and parents have a clean driveway. Then usually I will stop in and talk to them for a while.

After a good workout the cold air feels refreshing as well.

I am just flat our ranting now and my wife is on me to get off the computer to each lunch.

God bless

Briton (IN)

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