Digital cameras

I’ve seen discussions of cameras mounted in parks but haven’t seen anything about providing digital cameras to park managers.

The park I’m closing on at the end of the month has a bright but not very computer literate manager (non-resident). I know the family has an older computer and I suspect his kids are pretty computer literate. So I’m thinking of buying a digital camera for his use, figuring that if I give approval for use by his family the kids will figure out how to use it and email photos, and they can teach their father.

Then I can require that he take pictures of the park every week to document any issues, and to document results when outside contractors are called in. Should help me run the park long distance, could be useful when evicting someone for breaking park rules, and might be a good way to document park improvements over time.

So has anybody done this? Have suggestions to offer?


I carry a camera with me at all times, and each of my managers has one. They’ve been instructed to document all kinds of things with it, and then print out the pics, also archive them on the hard disk of the computer, and write about the incident in an incident log.

I say buy him a camera - they’re cheap and you never know when you’ll need one.

Gordon, if your manager isn’t tech literate, uploading pictures to a computer and then getting it online (where you can view it remotely) may be a little troublesome. This process can be simplified by using a WiFi SD card. Pictures can be transmitted directly from the camera to the internet.




Thanks for pointing this technology out. I’m ordering a wifi SD card for my camera so I can play with it. If it works as reported I’ll pay for a cheap wifi set-up for my manager’s computer - I’m sure his teenage son will be happy to set it up!