Difficult tenant in Ohio

We have a very difficult tenant in Ohio. This resident has made false reports to the EPA, to social security (on my mansger) and to various other agencies to be difficult. All of this is resulting because we issued him a material violation last June, issued a warning in March and just issued several violations today. The violations today had to do with this man verbally attacking my park manager on three different days in a row, we issued a violation for putting a personal security camera on a park pole and sign postings around his unit too. The larger concern is the treatment of our park manager and the verbal abuse. Additionally, he has approached her unit at 11pm one evening with a flashlight shining into her home while she was sleeping and subsequently became verbally abusive. We filed a police report for each occurrence and issued the material violation today. We had the police on the property so the manager can serve the notice. Subsequently, he went to the courts and filed a civil order of protection against my manager. This man has a history of jail time for being a U.S. I’ve to females and is considered an ex convict at this time. He was in the park when we purchase it a few years back. My research reveals he has filed fakes law suites against the government when he was arrested, including the county and state.
Has anyone dealt with a resident who is a criminal, but files these lavish claims at the same time?

Since the tenant has two violations within a 6 month period go ahead and start the eviction process. Provide copies of the violation notices to your eviction attorney and have him file with the court. The bailiff will serve him and he’ll have to show up at court. The judge will likely rule in your favor. After he is evicted contact your local sheriff or police chief and place a no trespass order on him. If he shows up at your property after he is evicted he can be arrested - if he is on parole and trespasses on your property he’ll likely go to jail for a while.

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No curing crazy. Start the eviction process and don’t stop… even if the behavior slows down. Keep good records for the judge. It will eventually all work out and be OK. Everyone else in the park will appreciate it.

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@Mcguire… avoid referring to him as a criminal and just focus on your tenants actions that violate their Lease and/or Rules & Regulations. We always make the owners the bad guys and the onsite managers as the pawns just doing there job rather than the “enforcers.” They say it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. You will have a lot less brain damage by evicting A.S.A.P. and it also sets a tone with all your other residents that you are serious about running a tight ship.

The resident has now filed an order of protection against my manager. She subsequently filed an order of protection against this man. He is also sending her certified letters about park issues as we try to fix up the community. My guess is he will try to claim retaliation when we file to evict him.

Speak to your attorney but a 30 day non renew at the end of the lease period is probably the easiest route. Try to avoid any contact moving forward. Easier said than done I know.