Different times, different stratagies

Hey y’all how’s everyone doing?? I spent some time this morning reading up on posts here and on CRE and I tell you not a lot has changed lol.

The winners are still winning and the losers are still losing.

A lot has been written on readership and posting volumes here and CRE and I can tell you right now I know the Owners of this forum and they will continue to fund this site if even one person is deriving benefits from this forum. They are men of character and I would never say this about anyone that didn’t deserve it even for 1M in cash.

6 months ago I posted that I wouldn’t offer advice until I could establish a business that works…my old model was and is broken.

Since that time I’ve made just over 44K in outside money excluding rentals I already owned. I have done 14 mobile home placements as follows:

  1. Get a current Greentree list of repos in my area.

  2. Advertise online in Craigslist (free), Ocala4/Sale.com, etc and in my ads state than I can find a home, break it down, provide permitting, provide water, sewer, electric. I now have a vendor that provides skirting, decks, painting, flooring.

I am paid $100 per hour for my hours and I Found vendors willing to reduce their prices 20% to me which I pocket and I’ve been able to help 13 out of state families and one person stationed in Iraq active military. I have earned this money…have put another 20K miles on my poor 08 Tundra but maybe this is something some of you all can do…capitalize on your knowledge and expertise in one of the mobile niches. I found a lot of buyers don’t buy used mobiles because of the fear of doing these needed services. What gave me this idea was a saleswoman at one of the still standing mobile home lots that sell only new homes. I told her I didn’t understand why smart folks would pay 80K for a depreciating asset instead of good used at 1/3 that price and she said, “People are basically scared of the set up process and want to sign their names 5 times on a contract and have the headaches put onto us” WOW!

Until I put a full year of consistent revenue under my belt I won’t post in detail and possibly have a MOM here in FL again to detail process and visit in works projects.

I know I don’t want to own am infill Park or a small all rental Park. For me these are JID (Jobs In Disguise) lol

I used these funds to purchase 2 nice mobiles on land. One is a singlewide 2002 16 X76 3/2 with wonderful screen porch and all appliances including washer/ dryer. Ripped out carpet and vinyl and installed laminate from stem to stern (4K) Paid 12,6K for the home and land(1/2 acre) and rented for 625 per month first weekend listed. Other is a 84 double 3/2 on 1.8 acres, 6K of rehab needed (needs cabinets and tops in kitchen) and another 5K in new laminate. Price for this one was 16K includes closing costs. It will rent for 800 per month and is fully fences with one car garage and 2 stall barn!!!

In my area now is the time to buy…there ius a huge transfer of wealth in our Country going on and I want my share.

On a closing note I have two items:

Tony I really respect the energy and positive input here and on CRE. You are an inspiration to lots of us and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have met you and Scott and being able to attend your Bootcamp. Keep up the good works you do every day and hope all is well with you and your family!

Dale, Dale, Dale life is short. Enjoy each and every day. I know you are going through a tough time but like everything else this is temporary. Lighten up dog…there is a whole world out ther to explore. If you don’t like us, go to another site or use the energy you expend dissing folks into making money for you and your family. We are judged by our deeds…Dale what have YOU done this year besides ranting on a FREE forum?? Thought so…


Greg, as always your post is candid and informative.

I agree with you more than you might now on several of the topics you brought up in this one post alone.

I had emailed you some time back but don’t know if you received it. I have an invitation for you.

Please shoot me an email with a phone number if you don’t mind.

Thanks Greg,



Your post reminds me of a Toby Keith song. Of course you are the winner and you share your battle scars for all of us to learn. What I get from you Greg is you dont give up and you dont get anywhere unless you get started is your message. The opportunity is open to all.

We got winners, we got losers

Chain smokers and boozers

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Been trying to think of what to say for the better part of the day… The only thing that I can say that sorta expresses my feelings is I’m inspired & proud of you Greg… We’ve been through many of the same things and it seems your putting your box back together in full force!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Cool stuff Greg,

I have been rethinking my business a bit as I relayed on CREO. I am still keeping my mind open, letting the creativity flow. Sounds like you’ve hit a nice solution for your area.



Great to hear you are landing on your feet, there was never a doubt in my mind that you would. I like what you’ve done and I’ll bet your activities lead you to some currently unknown opportunity. Good things happen to those who are out there busting their tail making something out of nothing!

I look forward to hearing more when you’re ready to share, and pencil me in now for ANY future MOM you decide to host.


Greg, Greg, Greg:

I have not been sitting around making tears in my beers. Got 2 MHPs (53 & 40 units) in 2009. One had 3 vacant spaces - filled these by June of 2010. Both MHPs are full - raised rents in both effective January 2011, billing back water & sewer as well. Since there is very little upside now available, I have started front paying the mortgage principal on the senior MHP (40 units) that we are residing in. By adding 6K to the principal for just 14 months (Jan 2011 - Feb 2012) this will eliminate 51 payments over a 30-year amortization. By investing $84K now it will save $510K later. This seems to calculate out to a 16% ROI - Banks are paying 0.30%. I will evaluate this again in Feb 2012 to determine if will continue on or stop.

My daughter is managing our 129 space MHP + 4 apartments in CO. She has been filling up vacant spaces and total income has been increased by $17K/mo since buying it in 2008. On the side in 2009 she bid on 43 MHs at the tax sale and got title to 17 after the one year redemption period expired. In 2010 she bid on another 43 MHs and is waiting for the redemption period to expire. If they redeem the MHs she gets the tax money paid back plus 12% in 2009 and 10% in 2010 in a check from the county. If they do not redeem, she gets a new Title issued free & clear from all liens, mortgages, back lot rents, etc.

Managed to squeeze in a few short vacations in 2010 also. Had all the kids and grandkids in for a week as well. May 2011 will be in S. Korea and will be boat shopping when we get back.

LG - Life is Good!


Thanks for your post. It is good to see you have been doing well in these times. I’d like to see more informative posts like this from you. Perhaps you have more to offer than we do. So throw us these useful posts periodically instead of those previous complaint posts.


I read the posts here and I know most posters personally and I believe we can make some money and do what we love(mobile homes) if we work together and find out what works AND SHARE IT.

I will never forget telling Ernest Tew I was gonna spend 5-6K and put on my first MOM 9 years ago (time flies) and asked him what he thought I should charge and I’m like thinking 5-6 hundred each…I was making 50k per month flipping mobiles and he got real quiet and he said, " I think free would be nice". I almost fell off my chair…the rest is history. I opened up repo lists, phone numbers, contact names and walked over 200 people thru the Infinity Homes lot and made 6-8 plain folks millionaires (ok I helped lol)over the years.

Your post shows what is good about this site… a free sharing of info…

Ernest would be very proud and Im telling you now I won’t quit until I find a mobile EASY button again lol.

Funny, when my wife and I were struggling to raise 5 kids, 44K was a fortune for an entire year. I truly made this amount in 6 months part time (about 30 hours a week). I can’t wait to get an entire year under my belt and share EVERY part of the process to all here and the free world.

I realized early on that I am not a brain surgeon…but I can take advise and can sell stuff. I guess what I am saying is I don’t have a retail lot anymore OR a trailer Park but i still break 6 figs in rentals and those were necassary evils back when I bought em and now they support me. You can take a mans toys but Ernest and Lonnie and the folks on this forum gave me something so much more valuable than toys…they showed me how to make money in mobile homes.

Thanks to all that posted and a special thanks to you Dale.

I apologize for inferring you didn’t achieve much this year…you and your family did good stuff. I really enjoyed your post.

Greg Meade

Greg, you are truly an inspiration. Today is the first day I

Good to hear from you Daphne. Sorry about your losses. Looking forward to your new adventure(s).



Nice to hear from you again. I like the renewed energy. WOW sorry to hear about the tornado. They missed our community in Burlington by 37 miles.

Look forward to seeing you and John.

Take Care


I think of you every time I BBQ (2-3 times per week).

I’m sorry for your (and John’s loss). Please call me…352.216.2020

My thoughts are with you, and glad to see you back!