Difference in offer price with owner financing vs cash

Hello - I’m hoping to get a little insight here from folks that tend to give 2 offers, the owner finance offer and the cash offer. Can someone tell me how you determine how much more the owner finance offer will be?

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Unless you have a really good relationship with the seller or the park is really a disaster ready to fall apart, the seller financing is going to be really challenging to get. If you do get it, it is through several conversations with the seller where you can understand him and his concern points. Once you understand those, you can suggest how a cash offer may help solve those concerns, and the door is open. Once the door is open, you can continue your negotiations to concede additional consideration for seller financing.

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Hi–I just asked that exact question to Frank Rolfe on the last MHU Investors phone call. His answer was, essentially, that it had to be significantly higher…like 10% higher. Also, going to a higher digit amount has a psychologically positive impact, for instance, going to $300k vs. $295k. You might want to listen to the recording of the call because my synopsis is likely not as good as Frank’s complete answer. Good luck!! Gordon

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