Difference between bootcamp and home study?

Can someone kindly explain to me the difference between the two formats?

My main worry is how to source deals - does that camp provide any tangible benefits on that end that home study wouldn’t?

I’ve been to the boot camp and Frank give lots of example on how to source deals. I recently started listening to the home course and I’m more than half way through the course and that hasn’t come up yet.

Purchased the home study course and landed our first park with it. Wanted to attend a boot camp but couldn’t break away to do it. We feel the home study basics of the park evaluations and the fact that we decided to demand to speak with the park owners instead of the realtors was a huge factor in opening doors.

Rod - I get what you are saying to some extent.

Pricing with brokers and auctions will be more efficient and thus higher.

But when you did home study were you given any ideas on how to source transactions outside of brokers?

And does the boot camp simply help you meet brokers or do they go over other sources?

Billium - We had specific areas we were looking for parks and we already knew from speaking with others more versed that pounding the pavement was going to yield the best results. We used loopnet, craigslist, and mobilehomeparkstore.com but actually ended up finding our park via word of mouth from people who knew we were looking. We needed the home study course to even know how to valuate the parks and what to look for, pass on, etc. We took what we needed from it and skipped the rest. Sorry but that’s my honest answer. It probably does include sources, because it is VERY thorough. Good luck!

Yes, do both. The home study course still has loads of useful info, but it is honestly dated. For example, it still says to use the yellow pages, which we all know are now dead and worthless.

So sign up for the boot camp, the home study course is included for free.

Plus at the boot camp you can interact and ask questions. Frank makes himself very available for questions, plus you get to network with other people in your shoes.

It is a marathon for sure. You get no breaks, Frank works the crap outta you for about 12 hours a day with only a lunch break. One thing is for sure, when you leave, you feel like you really got your money’s worth.

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